CEMSPLI Grant Saturday Training

Agenda - April 23, 2016

  • Welcome
    • Review of Eval comments
    • Announcements
  • Introductions - anyone new?
    • Meet and Greet each other
    • Share a cool thing that occurred in your classroom utilizing technology!
  • Google Forms
    • Take the Sampler to see response options!
    • Flubaroo
    • Cheatsheets in Google Drive
    • Ideas for Google Forms in Teaching Math:
      • Formative Assessments
      • Homework
      • Data Collection for Analysis
      • What Else?
    • New Updated Handout and in Google Drive
    • Work Time!
      • Suggestions:
        • Embed your Web Calendar
        • Embed a Google Forms Survey
        • Insert a Google Drive Folder
      • Review new updated tutorial handout
  • Next Dates:
  • Email Jody anytime from now until September! (Except June - I'm off tech that month ;-)
  • Saturdays, September 10, 24

Click here to take the Google Form Sampler and experience all the question types.

Enter in the goo.gl shortener below on your phone to see how nice Google Forms appear on a smaller device: