CEMSPLI Grant Saturday Training

Agenda - February 27, 2016

  • Welcome
  • Introductions
  • "Classroom Rules"
  • Overview
  • Pre-Assessment of GAFE Skills
  • Goals of the Grant for GAFE
                    1.  A Google Site
      1. For your Students
      2. A Digital Portfolio of your Journey
      3. For your parents to follow
      4. For your colleagues
                  2. Integrating Technology
                     3.  Collaboration, Creativity, Communication,                                 Critical Thinking
      1. Project, Assignment, Lesson = 4Cs! = Success
      2. See PDFs below in our Google Drive


What kind of rules do you have when integrating technology?

Team Discussion:
  1. Can your same classroom rules apply to a classroom full of laptops?
  2. What are some classroom management techniques do you utilize?
  3. What are ways you can keep students focused when you are explaining something?


Team Discussion:
    1. Although the video is three years old, what is one thing that you learned from this video?
    2. What questions does your team have about Chromebooks at this time?

    This video was created using EDpuzzle.com - free for teachers and students and a great way to:

    • add your own voice
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    • integrates with Google Classroom
    • more faqs
    • AND it's a Chromebook App -- your students can create a video lesson!!