Creating A Teacher Classroom Portfolio Resource Site
A requirement of the CEMSPLI grant


Google Sites Digital Portfolio Creation

Other Handy Hints:
    • Use to shorten your URL or you can use to personalize a link
    • When naming your site:
      • It is case sensitive!
      • Ideas: room222, msoliversclass, awesomemathclass, mathinaction
    • If you link to a Google Folder, be sure to share the folder as "Public, View" or provide "Edit" rights depending on document
    • Our agenda is created in a "Text Box"
    • I always change "Layout" to Two Column with extra space above and below -- just for design and space separation.
    • Some "gadgets" don't really work well as they were designed when Google Sites was first introduced.
    • Always - when you list a link, be sure to select "change" and check the box to open in a new page - easier for navigation.
    • I use the horizontal line a lot to separate out items.

Before sharing with students, staff, parents, and community:
  1. Proofread
    1. by me
    2. by family
    3. by friends not involved in education!
  2. Keep it up-to-date
  3. Think of year-to-year subjects and resources when designing
  4. Ask your students what they need
  5. Ask parents what they could use

Google Sites Folder