CEMSPLI Grant Saturday Training

Agenda - September 10, 2016

  • Welcome
    • Announcements
  • Introductions - anyone new?
    • Meet and Greet each other
    • Share a cool thing that occurred in your classroom utilizing technology so far this year!!
  • What's new and updated over the summer?
    • Google Forms has new cool stuff!
      1. templates! or go to arrow in upper left hand corner
      2. Good Review
        1. Short answer - you can specify email, url, etc.
        2. Emojis work, i.e. on a likert scale
        3. Creating a Quiz - new feature!
        4. Scroll down about 3/4 way down and read about "add-ons" - cool possibilities for the classroom
      3. Let's look at a video!
      4. Share out on the possibilities
    • Introducing Google's New Museum
      1. Arts and Culture
      2. Virtual Tours
      3. Projects
      4. Zoom In - Way cool!!
    • A simple video tool - create for YOU or Students to create!
      • Let's look at the video
      • I created one in 10 minutes and it took 10 minutes to render - able to download, email, or upload to my YouTube Channel!
      • Student writing, creativity, story-boarding, great summary tool for a book, play, movie, song!
  • Google Slides
    • Still best way to display photos and/or student projects in your Google Sites
    • New Templates
    • 5 Basic Things to know about images - See Video
    • Google Slides Presentation Mode!
      1. Take Audience Questions and more!
      2. Review video
    • Play and Explore
  • Google Sites Web Site-(still old version)
    • Google Site Updates
      1. Available to newly created sites but not yet for existing -- conversions expected soon.
      2. Take a look at the video
    • Work Time to Finish your Google Site!
  • Lesson Idea Collection Bank
    • What did you like?
    • What ideas do you have to share?
    • What project ideas can you share?
    • I'll share a finalized format next session!
  • Sign up for your presentation time on the 24th!
  • Click and select today's training - Grant
    • Required for the Grant
    • Guides Development of Quality Training Sessions
  • Next Date:
    • Email Jody anytime from now until
    • Saturday, September 24

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What's New in Google Forms?

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New in Google Slides!

Five Great Things to Know in Google Slides

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