CEMSPLI Grant Saturday Training

Agenda - September 24, 2016

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    • Meet and Greet each other
    • Share a cool thing that occurred in your classroom utilizing technology so far this year!!
  • Reflection of our Journey
  • Some ideas
    • Language Settings
    • PDF changed into Google Docs instead of handout
    • Video Reflection Notes in Google Docs
    • Add to shelf vs to bookmarks on a chromebook
    • 4th grade teacher to student, "hands off computer, please provide verbal directions to assist your partner"
    • Kahoot for fun formative assessment
    • Google Quiz for summative assessment
      • Great quote:  There's a significant difference between 'assessing' students and 'grading students. One is the journey and one is the end.
      • @justintarte twitter
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    • Ensure your site is set to for all to see - under Publish settings on new Google Site
    • if you created bit.ly prior to this setting, you will need new/edit bit.ly
    • Reminder on Calendar, Create - PICK CALENDAR
  • Click and select today's training - Grant
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    • Guides Development of Quality Training Sessions
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