Introducing Susan Barr Aguilar
ELL Consultant

Proven ELL Strategies
Visual Vocabulary Association
Daily Assessment Ideas
Effective Student Made Dictionaries
Technology Integration
Engaging Instruction 

California Life Time Teaching Credential, 5 Years Public School Teaching in California 
20 years teaching English in own school in Tepic, Nayarit, Mexico
Consultant, Coach for Teachers and Schools, K-University 

Excellence in English

Here are some of her resources to support your
ELL programs, students, and parents:

Listening and Comprehension
  1. www.dailyesl.com or www.esl-lab.com or www.ellllo.org - Many, many topics for Conversation Starters for English Students to improve communication skills and become familiar with the language by reading, building vocabulary, and discussing what you study in daily conversations. Activities for listening, reading, vocabulary exercises, discussion, role playing, online investigation.
Most Useful and Favorite Sites
  1. www.answers.com/main/product_info.jsp - After this program is downloaded, you can locate any word in any program (Word, PowerPoint, OpenOffice, Internet, etc.) pressing alternate and right click (Win), command/option g (Mac), a bubble appears with the definition, word used in a sentence as well as click for the pronunciation. 
  2. quizlet.com - Site to make flash cards, print, study online, play games online; with existing vocabulary lists or make your own. 
  3. www.mes-english.com - Excellent site for ready-made picture flash cards, bingo, games, worksheets, phonics, PPTs. 
  4. bogglesworldesl.com - Another quality site for creative ready-made picture flash cards, bingo, games, worksheets, etc. 
  5. www.pppst.com/index.html - Pete’s power point station. Excellent site “for how to’s” as well as ideas, on line activities and especially the topical index of 1000+ PowerPoints: www.pppst.com/themes.html
  6. www.eclipsecrossword.com - Excellent FREE crossword puzzle maker to downoad. Remember the technique with crossword puzzles is to associate the visual clue with the written answer.
Other Interesting and Useful Sites
  1. abcteach.com - Many free printables for non members… comprehension exercises, etc. 
  2. hugosite.com - 365 super simple videos to learn English as you see done what is being said. 
  3. www.esltower.com - A good site that top quality printable and interactive English grammar and vocabulary exercises for teachers and students. 
  4. www.angelfire.com/wi3/englishcorner/vocabulary/vocabulary.html - Online games and interactive exercises in English vocabulary 
  5. http://www.english-4u.com/topsites/index.php?cat=&method=in&start=1 - A listing of Top ESL sites. 
  6. www.spellingcity.com/ - A great interactive online free spelling web site that includes games, testing, and more. 
  7. www.languageguide.org/english - A spoken picture dictionary in English 
  8. www.pdictionary.com - Very complete picture dictionary in 5 languages 
  9. www.strictlyspanish.com/resource.htm - A technical, career, and themed dictionary 
  10. www.toolboxtopics.com/Construction/index.htm - For the industrial classes, these are safety agreements for the students -- in English and Spanish.
Reading Books, Stories Online
  1. www.magickeys.com/books - Illustrated children’s books on line free. Colorful and easy to see and read. 
  2. www.bygosh.com/index.html - Free illustrated stories, poems, classics online. 
  3. www.cuentoseningles.com.ar - Excerpts from novels or stories with vocabulary highlighted and defined in Spanish. Also many .mp3 readings from the stories.
Reading Comprehension worksheets, flash cards, tests, etc.
  1. www.teach-nology.com/worksheets/language_arts/reading_comp - comprehension worksheets 
  2. users.erols.com/interlac/testdir.htm - online comprehension reading tests 
  3. www.rhlschool.com/reading.htm - reading comprehension worksheets and a lot of other subjects also. 
  4. www.pearsonlongman.com/ae/marketing/sfesl/practicereading.html - online practice reading tests 
  5. www.toolsforeducators.com/ - Worksheets, games, and other resources for your classroom 
  6. www.flashcardexchange.com/ - Claims to be the world's largest flash card library!!
Articles, Research, and Documents
  1. aft.org/pubs-reports/american_educator/issues/summer08/index.htm - Excellent article by Claude Goldenberg, "Teaching English Language Learners" Professor of Standford University and also a presenter at the CLHS January 2009 Conference in Monterey, California. 
  2. Grammar Rules Word Document - Designed and created by Susan Barr Aguilar for use as a handout and reference guide for students and teachers. Some formatting may need to be done as to different fonts and settings of various word processing programs. Permission granted to download and use, simply acknowledge credit to this website. 
  3. www.physorg.com/news152292870.html - Article on "listening to the language" is an essential part of the learning process