iMovie Trailer Creation in the Elementary Classroom

Resources of Ideas

What is iMovie and iMovie Trailer?
  1. Pre-Writing Assignment Ideas
  2. Apple.Com how to make a trailer!
  3. On your iPad, iPhone
  4. And More Ideas
  5. Storyboard and trailer ideas from Pinterest!
  6. Lesson Idea with a Rubric
  7. Dream vacation writing assignment and iMovie Trailer
  8. Classroom Ideas for iMovie and the iPad
  9. Writing Ideas with iMovie
  10. If you want to use Google Images, be sure and select SEARCH TOOLS, then USAGE RIGHTS, then LABELED FOR REUSE in following copyright!
  11. Once you find your image, right-click, SAVE IMAGE AS to your desktop for use in your iMovie Trailer. We will delete this at the end.
  12. The photos in the Google Drive are mine and I provide permission for you to use with your sample iMovie Trailer :-)
  13. Open up your Google Drive in Chrome and save your iMovie Trailer.
  14. What are your next steps going to be:
    1.  for you personally?
    2. for you in the classroom?
    3. for your students?

iMovie Trailer on Verbs

iMovie Trailer on Project Based Learning