Intro to Google Forms

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  1. Take a Google Quiz
    1. notice it's embedded at the bottom of this Google web page too!
  2. Step by Step with G Suite Google Learning
  3. Start with a Template to get the hang of Forms
  4. Great Review of the features
  5. Quizzes - It's Awesome!
  6. How are you assessing your students?
  7. GMath Add-on!
  8. More Add-0n discoveries
    1. notice this Google Search is within the past month! Use "Tools" to set a date search
  9. How do you envision Google Forms in your classroom?
  10. Start creating!
  11. Take the workshop evaluation under Tips and Tricks section.
  12. Have an awesome summer! See you on the lake or in town. Look forward to next year!

Form Templates

Google Form Quiz Overview from YouTube

Tips And Tricks
  • Always test your form/quiz with a colleague first, then go to "Responses" on your form in edit mode, select the three dot option bar and delete responses.
  • After submission, did you notice the link to some fun trivia? After students are done, give them something to do quietly until the rest of the class is done. This feature is under the gear, then Presentation mode.
  • I used "option shuffle" on this sampler. You can also use "question shuffle" but in the instance where I sent you to section 2 because you answered no -- this wouldn't have worked had "question shuffle" been selected.
  • Google Forms can be assigned via Google Classroom.
  • Search the templates for ideas.
  • Have students create a quiz at the end of a project presentation for students to take as an assessment - keeps them listening.
  • Have students use a teacher-created rubric form to assess each other during a group/individual presentation.
  • Daily classroom formative assessments should be no more than 4 questions. If using this as a summative, then no limit.
  • The maximum for paragraph entry has been tested up to 2,000 characters with a county science fair app I designed.
  • If using for math, you will want to use the GMath extension.
  • You can even have a student upload a document as part of the form.
  • Google Translate will translate a Google Form.
  • Always share your successes and challenges with each other - it's how we learn and grow!
  • Ideas
      • student surveys
      • parent surveys
      • quizzes
      • polls during class
      • pre-assessment
      • post-assessment
      • community surveys
      • volunteer hour registration
      • staff surveys
      • district surveys
      • rubric presentations
      • classroom observations
      • student observations
      • student reading/math assessment
      • what more?
      • workshop evaluation ;-)