Creating A Teacher Classroom Portfolio Resource Site


Google Sites Digital Portfolio Creation

Other Handy Hints:
    • Use to shorten your URL
    • If you link to a Google Folder, be sure to share the folder as "Public, View"
    • Our agenda is typed up in a "Text Box"
    • I always change "Layout" to Two Column with extra space above and below -- just for design and space separation.
    • Some "gadgets" don't really work well as they were designed when Google Sites was first introduced.
    • Always - when you list a link, be sure to select "change" and check the box to open in a new page - easier for navigation.
    • I use the horizontal line a lot to separate out items.
Begin Here:

  1. In using my template:
  2. Go to:
  3. Click CREATE
  4. Browse the gallery for more, then select "public" gallery for more and enter the search for:  Expanding Education
  5. Select the teacher sampler site
  6. Name your Site (case sensitive)
    1. Ideas: room222, msoliversclass, awesomemathclass
  7. Click CREATE
  8. Click on the PENCIL and begin editing
  9. Become familiar with your menu bar and tools
    1. Insert
    2. Format
    3. Table
    4. Layout
    5. Help
  10. To make change to the header, horizontal navigation, sidebar, or custom footer, go to the GEAR, then EDIT SITE LAYOUT (see handout for ideas)
  11. To make advanced changes to entire site, go to the GEAR, then MANAGE SITE (see handout for ideas)
  12. + to create new page

    1. The Navigation Pane is set to "automatic" and will add your page.
    2. If you want to manage your own Navigation Pane, i.e. order, indents, etc., then uncheck "auto" and add your pages you wish to appear in the pane.
  13. Before sharing with students, staff, and parents
    1. Proofread
    2. Keep it up-to-date
    3. Ask your students what they need
    4. Ask parents what they need