September 2017 <> MUSD
Cohort #1


  • While we are waiting to get started, please visit Jody's @jodylo on Twitter and be prepared to share a new learning. Scroll down until a topic catches your eye.
  • Welcome
    • Include one awesome moment this past month in your personal life and in your classroom!
    • Admin Time
  • Twitter Discovery
    • How do you choose when to implement a new discovery?
  • September News
    • Classroom visitations
      • Schedules Starting October
    • Communication, Tech Protocol and Who is Who
      • Tech Ticket
      • Jody
      • Charles
      • Lisa
      • Jen
      • Sue 
    • Illuminate Updates
    • Aeries Updates and Tip Sharing
    • Conference Update
  • Projects
  • Nearpod Sharing
    • Licenses for you, for site
  • What's New
  • iCoach Cohort #1 Work Time
    • Google Site Development
      • Record on Google Sheets in Drive
    • Grant Writing

    Cohort #1 - iCoach Cohort 2017-2018


    • Under debate ... points lost, late, mechanics ..., Edutopia
    • Bring a Nearpod Data Report to October's Seminar
    • Conduct a Student Survey using the template as a guide, bring to October

    Google Certification

    New Applications and Updated Features

    • Nearpod has now joined with Flocabulary! It's so cool!
    • Google Classroom Video and new features!
    • Introducing Flipgrid

    What's New in Google Classroom?