August 10, 2016 iCoach/Principal Meeting


  • Welcome, Introductions
  • Overview of iCoach Program, 2016-2017
    • Year Two Implementation
    • Summer Boot Camp
    • iCoach Seminars (once a month, Wednesday)
    • One Parent Internet Safety Presentation
    • Three-Four Tech Tuesday, after/during school one hour trainings
    • One-to-one "going green" implementation in their classroom with their own Chomebook/iPad Cart (not for site use)
    • Becoming Digital Citizenship Certified via Common Sense Media
  1. appropriate online behavior
  2. interacting with other individuals on social networking websites and chats/texts
  3. cyberbullying awareness and response
        • It's about the conversation. It's more than a mandate, it's our social commitment to our students
        • iCoach to serve only as a resource toward the site's implementation plan not as the coordinator
    • Becoming a Nearpod Certified Educator
    • Submit Presentation for CUE and attend
    • Submit Presentation for CLS and attend (optional)
    • Whew!
  • Monrovia USD Digital Citizenship Site Implementation
  1. Digital Footprint & Reputation
  2. Internet Safety
  3. Cyberbullying and Digital Drama
      • Sites are encouraged to utilize the excellent remaining frameworks critical to instruction.
    • Clifton MS Plan
      • Jody and Nikole modeling a Parent Internet Safety Night on Tuesday, October 25, 6-8 p.m.
        • iCoaches required to attend
        • Principals highly encouraged to attend for future reference
      • Presentation, templates, handouts, activities will be shared with all iCoaches to adapt for their use
    • iCoach/Principal Planning Time
    • Share out ideas and possible plans

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