Summer Boot Camp, August 2017 <> MUSD
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Review Day One and Assessment Results
Overview of the Day
G Suite
  • Google in 101 seconds video
  • Google EDU
    • Review Site
    • Sign up for updates
  • G Suite video
Google Drive
    • Video and Cheat Sheet Review
    • Your Filing Cabinet
    • How will your site share?
    • How will your grade level team share?
    • How can I move documents into my Drive?
    • List vs. Grid
    • Color Coding
    • Stars
    • Right Click Menu
    • Explore
Google ClassroomGoogle Docs in the Classroom
    • Videos
      • Play as assigned and share out new learnings!
        • "waffle"
        • templates!
        • Classroom shares for you!
        • Voice Typing
        • Add-ons
        • Explore
    • Cheat Sheet
    • Teaching Channel
    • Explore
Google DrawingTidBit Tech TimeReflection

Handy Hints for

  • login to YOUR Google account before using and it will keep track of ALL your shortened URLs
  • keep clicking until a nice combination, i.e. all lower case, all upper case -- it IS case sensitive
  • also stay away from l, 1, O, 0 -- notice the difference between the O and zero - but not everyone knows this and it can be confusing to new users.
  • So the in the above, that is the letter O -- NOT zero.

Team Awesome

Google in 101 Seconds

Discussion: Have you thought about sharing this video to your students? How do you present the purpose and relevance with your students?

Google Docs to Drive to Apps to G Suite

Discussion: What do you think your first G Suite adventure will be?

Google Drive Intro

Discussion: Are you using Google Drive full time for all of your desktop/laptop/tablet/phone storage? How about the Google Photos app?

Discussion: Did you know about searching with a time frame and usage rights? (arrows and box added to screen shot in Google Drawing) (screen shot on a mac: command shift 4)
Google Image Search Tool