Chromebook Intro Training

Note: Video is two years old but best overview I have discovered! It's 4G/LTE now not 3G, battery life is 10 hours not 8 ;-)
Discussion Task:
  1. As a site and/or grade level group, BRIEFLY each share ONE "aha" from this video.

Extended Resources Online

  • Resources from a great guru
  • Chromebooks for Educators blog
  • Go crazy with this list of shortcuts!!
  • Some classroom management tips from:
    •  Chromebook Cart Management Tips-
      • Label devices with number and cart
      • Assign a number
      • Have the Chromebook number be the student's ID
      • Charge every night
      • Set-up start pages
      • Use a Google Calendar for cart sign-out
      • If classes are using the Chromebooks right after another, rather than putting them back on the cart, have the class walk them over to the next class
What else can we share in the success of using carts?