Day Four, Tuesday, August 5, 2015


  • Review
  • Overview for Day 4
  • Something Cool n Awesome
    • Back Channels
      • In small groups, analyze these links and share out highlights
      • Which one would work for you and your classroom environment?.
    • Let's check out Today's Meet
      • idea for the classroom
      • ideas for trainings
    • Let's check out Padlet
      • ideas for the classroom
      • ideas for trainings
  • iCoach Presentations on Tech Tip Minutes
  • Possible Google Form Survey for your site
  • Google Add-Ons
    • Inside of Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, etc.
    • For Google Chrome
    • find the handout on this in Google Classroom under the Assignment "Reading Material" and select one that interests you, install in, try it out
    • Share out of your selection
  • Digital Literacy Possible Action Steps in:
    • Google Docs
    • Google Sheets
    • Google Slides
    • Google News, Scholar, Books
    • Google Classroom, Sites, Blogs
  • Implementation Plan Design
    • Google Docs/Sheets
    • Sharing/Collecting Resources/Classroom Ideas Aligned to Plan
      • Create a Google Form for submission
      • Other ideas?
    • Digital Literacy Lesson Collection
    • Lesson Plan Google Docs Sample from Hesperia USD
  • Homework
    • Action Plan - Think about your school year
  • Reflection
    • Daily Assessment
    • GDrive Journal entry:
      In what areas are you apprehensive? What concerns do you have in training others? What has been the most rewarding? What have been your favorite sessions?

Break Time Discovery - googles new training center

Google Drive Folder for iMonrovia