iCoach New Tools, Tips, Tricks for 2016-2017

August 2016 Boot Camp

  1. Google Forms has new cool stuff!
    1. templates! or go to arrow in upper left hand corner
    2. Good Review
      1. Short answer - you can specify email, url, etc.
      2. Emojis work, i.e. on a likert scale
      3. Creating a Quiz - new feature!
      4. Scroll down about 3/4 way down and read about "add-ons" - cool possibilities for the classroom
    3. Create a Short Quiz using the new features
    4. Share out on the possibilities
  2. Keyboarding Classroom Integration


  1. Google Slides Presentation Mode!
    1. Take Audience Questions and more!
    2. Review video below.
    3. Play and Explore
  2. New and Improved Google Sites
    1. Available to newly created sites but not yet for existing -- conversions expected soon.
    2. Take a look at the video


  1. New Online Google Apps Training
    1. Add it to your Chrome Browser
    2. Open Google Drive and then look up in the upper right hand corner and the question mark in a circle turns to the Google Colors once in Google Drive.
    3. Let's play and learn something!
  2. Introducing Google's New Museum
    1. Arts and Culture
    2. Virtual Tours
    3. Projects
    4. Zoom In - Way cool!!
    5. Explore!!
  3. Career Classroom Integration

New Quizzes in Google Forms

Google Slides Presentation Mode

A Peak into the NEW and Improved Google Sites

Google's New Museum!

2016 Sept, Oct, Dec.

  • A simple video tool - create for YOU or Students to create!
    • Let's look at the video
    • I created one in 10 minutes and it took 10 minutes to render - able to download, email, or upload to my YouTube Channel!
    • Student writing, creativity, story-boarding, great summary tool for a book, play, movie, song!
  • New Google Form Ideas
  • Teen makes an anti-bully app called "Sit with Us"!
  • Teenager's Guide to Social Media
  • Expand your uses with Google Classrooms with 35 apps that integrate nicely!
  • Did you know about "topics" in Google Classroom and you can sort by them?
  • Google Apps is now called G Suites!

2017 CUE, April

  1. CUE Sharings!
  2. Add-ons for Education
  3. Amazing use of Google Forms and Sections as well as question feedback -- as well as at the end of the form and time limits!
  4. Look in Google Drive for 200+ cool things to learn ... over the summer?
  5. Google Form Add-ons!
  6. Share with math teachers! New Google Add-on!
  7. The NEW Googlle Earth
  8. Autodraw - new from Google - everyone can be an artist!