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Tablet Tips and Tricks

    The user guide on the tablet is quite .. ridiculous. You must flip to page 50 to begin to read any substance on how to use this darn thing! Throughout my online research, there is very limited resources available for the Toshiba Thrive. 
    My goal is to leave no question unanswered. Please email me anytime, jody@expandingeducation.com, and I will create a reference site here based upon your questions. I'll even keep it anonymous ;-)
    Handouts will be provided at our training for the introduction and essential features of your tablet. This page will be used as a form of questions and answers after the training. (See below.)  Remember there are no dumb questions when it comes to technology -- it is the technology that makes us feel inadequate. Programmers and designers, while brilliant in their field, don't often take into consideration what it was like when they first learned to ride a bike, drive a car, or even program a VCR.
    It takes regular use and practice to make it easier as well as a quality tool to enhance your experience as an educator.