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  1. A great listing and explanation of free educational apps for the iPad!
  2. See example lessons from Apple!
  3. Great simple ideas of iPad use with elementary students!
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  5. A nice article on using iPads in a Special Education classroom - but great tips for all classrooms!

Reading Apps

It's hard to find free reading apps and so many of them have "in-app" purchases. Software developers know that parents will spend $$ on the "answer". So here is a couple links to free apps - always ensure that "in-app" purchase clicks are turned off for little ones.
  1. Free Reading Apps Reviewed
  2. A great example of using the Internet vs. purchasing an app. Starfall online is mostly free, however their app is $2.99. Many great kids websites are free but move to the $ apps. You can still use most of the websites via your iPad without purchasing an app.
  3. Don't forget there are hundreds of FREE books in iBooks. Students can highlight, take notes, and bookmark sections of their book. Learn more here!
  4. Common Sense Media Reading App Reviews

Best Reviews via Common Sense Media

Common Sense Media is the one place I research before purchasing any apps, books, games, etc.
  1. App Reviews
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  3. Education Game Reviews

  1. Keep in mind, that as a business professional, any application you may need for your business will be created for iTunes Apple BEFORE it will be created for the Android market.
  2. Small, convenient, and affordable, tablets provide easy access to all of your documents via the cloud.
  3. The photo/video apps are a beautiful way to display your business, products, and services to potential clients.
  4. There are free apps and web-based programs to present and/or share multimedia presentations.
  5. Instead of printing numerous documents for a business meeting, convert files into a .pdf document.  Open up the .pdf on your tablet with Adobe Reader (free for both platforms) which includes full annotation, handwriting, notes, highlighting, text, and an electronic signature.
  6. Easily access and monitor all of your social media accounts such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram. Keep up on your business accounts as well as see what your competitors are posting.
  7. Stay on top of breaking news via CNN, USA Today, and more with notifications.
  8. Easily communicate via Skype, or FaceTime.
  9. Choices are endless: credit card readers, financial apps, speech/voice recorders, inventory control, stock market monitoring, and categories of applications in every aspect of life. See these links for expanded lists of applications:  Apple or Android
  10. The following is a QR code I designed via Visualead. If you use a free QR reader via your smartphone or tablet, it will take you directly to this site.