My Top Ten!

1. Today's Meet

  • Collaboration
  • Instead of interrupting class or session
  • Add different points of view
  • Share links of resources
  • Post questions for review

3. Wolfram Alpha

  • It's a computational search engine. It's what Siri uses ;-)
  • Explore the chart of subjects below
  • Click on examples for the best ideas for your classroom
  • My son is a junior @ NAU, Mechanical Engineering and uses it ALL the time: Physics, Chemistry, Calculus
  • It's free for the most part on a laptop
  • It's $2.99 on the Android or the iPad/iPhone
  • College and Career Ready with this App!

5. Best Free Videos for the Classroom

  1. Watch Know Learn
    1. My favorite is the section on Careers - we just don't spend enough time exposing our students to career options. Take the last five minutes of every Friday to show a video on a career. Expand their veiw and possibilities!
    2. Next, there is always a need for a visual connection to a topic you are presenting - conduct a search here!
  2. NeoK12.Com
    1. Something for everyone!
    2. Free
    3. My favorite section is Slow Motion! Check out the "Fastest Animals on Earth" You will be amazed.
  3. HippoCampus
    1. Designed for MS through College - over 5700 videos in over 13 subject areas!
    2. Free! Teachers can customize!

7. Favorite Online Magazines

  • Edutopia
    • Any topic, videos, PBL, Digital Integration, and more from top educators around the world!
  • THE Journal
    • Grants, resources, tutorials, research and more. Worth the glance - particularly for administrators.
  • The Teaching Channel
    • The best in professional development found online. Q & A, videos, and great resources for all educators.
    • My favorite is Classroom Management!

9. Interactive & Engaging Sites

Exploration with interactive and engaging sites is essential to digital learning! Great for smart boards, Chromebooks and be sure to share with parents!

2. Quick Ways to Web Sites

    • URL shortener - if you need students to get to a web site quickly, simple copy and paste to obtain a short URL. Here's a secret: keep clicking on Shorten to gain one WITHOUT any of the following: iI lL Oo ) - it's hard to tell the difference between these. It is case sensitive so sometimes I click 20 times to get all lower case!
  • QR Code Generators
    • My favorite to create is from Visuallead
    • Lots of fun designs to choose from
    • You can make for website, YouTube, contact, calendar event, etc.
    • For both iOS and Android, QR Reader is the best and free! There are even readers and creators for Chromebooks in the Web Store.
    • Ideas for the classroom!

4. Khan Academy and Pixar!

Khan Academy and Pixar have teamed up!
  • For educators to integrate real world use of academics and STEAM!
  • Includes educator's guide and learners guide
  • Fascinating behind the scenes
  • A great way to get your students interested in Career Possibilities
  • Lessons are in the following formats: written, video, interactive
  • Check it out!

6. Digital Citizenship

Common Sense for Educators!

  • Did you know it's a Federal Mandate to educate our students on Digital Citizenship?
  • How are you going to do that? Common Sense Media has put it all together for you with an awesome scope and sequence!
  • Lessons, videos, posters, interactive activities, essential scenarios and tool kits for your school, parents, and students to dig deep to understand the essentials of quality digital citizenship.
  • Become a certified educator and/or school!

8. Google App Add-Ons

They are little added on attractions to make Google Apps better, cooler, and amazing!
  • Here are some to get the idea!
  • My favorite is Flubaroo!
    • Grades your formative assessments
    • Quickly highlights the lower responses
    • Email options galore!
  • g(Math) in your Google Docs
    • input complex formulas and graphs right onto your Google Doc!
  • Thesaurus
    • Who can live without a Thesaurus???

10. My newest favorite: Nearpod!!

Create, Engage and Explore with Nearpod. From the free version to the top quality paid version - this is worth your time to investigate. I have observed Nearpod in action over the past year -- Amazing assessments, reports, and lessons!

I hope you picked up a couple of ideas for you, your classroom, your colleagues and your school. Ple
ase feel free to share this page at your next staff meeting. The more we grow together, the more awesome we become as a digital nation!

updated 2017