Nearpod Resources

More Nearpod Ideas

  1. Nearpod on your Chromebook or Chrome Browser
  2. Nearpod for the iPad
  3. Importing PowerPoint into Nearpod
  4. Importing Google Slides AND PowerPoint with Nearpodize and how to get the Nearpodize Chrome extension
  5. Difference between Live and Self-Paced Lesson
  6. Monitoring Students
  7. Assess and Reports
  8. Lots of miscellaneous handy hints
  9. Self-paced and live lessons for teachers!
  10. Nearpod featured in blogs
  11. Your license includes ALL content, ALL grade levels, and ALL Digital Citizenship lessons via Common Sense Media with built-in engaging activities.

Get Your Nearpod License

Email with your first and last name. You will then receive an email from Nearpod with directions.

Don't forget if you use Google Slides, you want to add the Nearpod extension in your Chrome Browser with Nearpodize and it will send your Google Slide presentation straight to Nearpod for you! hen simply right click on a slide where you want "content: or "an activity" inserted.

Brief Introduction to Nearpod at the Secondary Level

Virtual Field Trips

There are many others in YouTube. Click this link that has been "filtered" to show only those videos created in the past year.