Student/Teacher Collaboration Activities

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

  1. Introductions
  2. Overview of our journey
  3. Google Apps Time
    1. Google Sheets
      1. Intro to Calculations
      2. Explore with Charts and Graphs!
    2. Flippity and Sheets
      1. Game Show
      2. Flash Cards
        1. Ideas for Flash Cards
          1. Top Vocab for HS
          2. Top Vocab for MS
  4. Game Time!
  5. Evaluation

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

  1. Introductions
  2. Overview of our journey
  3. Google Apps
    1. Slides
    2. Drawing
    3. Google Image Search
    4. Google Address Search
      1. Ctrl C copy; Ctrl V paste
  4. Selection of Team
  5. Sharing
    1. Editor opens shared document in Google Drive below
    2. Renames appropriately
    3. Shares with team
    4. Team opens the shared document and proceeds with tasks
  6. Presentations
  7. Evaluation

March Session 3:

Future movie makers!
  1. Create a channel
  2. Create a video showing off your school, department, or community!
  3. And for a video and engaging lesson
    1. First, everyone needs to turn to Cesar and says "thanks Cesar" for sharing this with Jody so each of YOU can experience this awesome free product!!
    2. Create a free account
      1. add your own voice
      2. add an assessment
      3. add a comment
      4. trim a video
      5. here's help and ideas
      6. AND it's a Chromebook App -- your students can create a video lesson!!

January Session 2:

First we will have a brief introduction to Google Sheets then as a "Team" you will create a game and challenge other teams this evening!

Using Google Sheets is more than just about numbers and calculations ;-)

December Session 1:

Google Slides Collaboration:

For this collaborative slide presentation, working as a team, you will assign the following roles: (combine roles to adjust for your team size)

  1. Editor/Proofreader -  proofreads all text, ensuring proper grammar, supervises the alignment, format, font use, and overall clarity of the presentation. Chooses the best title for each slide. Leads the groups as to what slides are needed. Ensures that each person has a role creating the presentation. This person is also the “Tech Lead” -- the only person allowed to ask technical questions of me and then returns to train the team. Enlists help of team members if someone needs help finishing.

  2. Photographer/Designer- decides what pictures (from the photos folder or Google) will be used throughout the presentation and uses the editor tool. This person also chooses, with input from the team, the “theme” and is responsible for effective transitions. Ensures that “Usage Rights” are observed.

  3. Researcher - researches the historical background and informational text of the school, providing textual information on appropriate slides. Bullets must be used. Includes a link for the school/dept. (Input the address into Google, right click and copy/paste image  in the presentation.)

  4. Interviewer - collects at least three quotes (from other people in the room) regarding the school/dept and input the quotes on the slides in quotes and citing resources.

  5. Artist - Creates original art using Google Drawing or chooses graphics that enhance the presentation. Download as a .jpg  insert “image” to a slide as you choose.