Session 1 - December 2, 2015

December 2, 2015

  1. Reflect on on Student/Teacher Activity
  2. Exploring Chromebooks
    1. Browser
      1. Folders
      2. Links
    2. App Store
    3. Settings
    4. Exploration/Discovery Time
      1. Log out
      2. Log in
      3. Click and Explore
      4. Search App Store for built-in apps
      5. Add links to Browser
  3. Introduction to Google Apps and Google Drive
    1. Google Apps "Waffle"
    2. Google Drive File Management
    3. Sharing Folders, Documents
    4. Exploration/Discovery Time
      1. Explore Google Apps
      2. Begin designing your "filing cabinet"
      3. Share Folder with a colleague
      4. Share a Google Doc
        1. Collaborate on a fun poem on Technology, Learning, Digital Times
  4. Google Docs
    1. Templates
    2. Tools
    3. Features
    4. Exploration/Discovery Time
      1. Create a Google Doc using a Template
      2. Explore various features
      3. Share document with me
  5. Video Integration into the Classroom
    1. Pause, Ponder, Process, Practice
    2. Homework/Classroom Support for students and parents
    3. Google Sheets, Paper Idea
      1. We will view a video following the model
      2. Open up the "Video 4Ps" Google Sheets below to participate
    4. Exploration/Discovery Time
      1. Find videos to support your classroom
      2. Bookmark them on your Chrome Browser
  6. One­ - two tips, resources, ideas, action plan to share back at site and implement in your classroom
    1. Complete Action Plan
      1. Open "Our Action Play for December" Google Sheets below.
    2. Share out
  7. Assessment of the Day

2015 Shift Happens

Video Integration

  1. Watch Know Learn
    1. My favorite is the section on Careers - we just don't spend enough time exposing our students to career options. Take the last five minutes of every Friday to show a video on a career. Expand their view and possibilities!
    2. Next, there is always a need for a visual connection to a topic you are presenting - conduct a search here!
  2. NeoK12.Com
    1. Something for everyone!
    2. Free
    3. My favorite section is Slow Motion! Check out the "Fastest Animals on Earth" You will be amazed.
  3. HippoCampus
    1. Designed for MS through College - over 5700 videos in over 13 subject areas!
    2. Free! Teachers can customize!
  4. KhanAcademy.Org
    1. More than just math
    2. Share with parents for personal skills
    3. Explore and search the following subjects:
      1. Mortgages
      2. Life Insurance
      3. Health
      4. Common Core
      5. Hands-on Engineering and Projects

A Classroom Video
Presentation Model

Many teachers show videos in their classroom and I have observed this personally too many times. What I see are typically five to ten minute videos in which the teacher makes a statement and hits play and then tends to other tasks at their desk. During this time some students are watching, sleeping, doing other work, checking their phone, and/or day dreaming.

Explicit direction for video presentations in class should include:
  • sharing the purpose of the video
  • reviewing prior knowledge
  • listing, defining, image/example of new vocabulary
  • outlining tasks to complete before, during, and after video

I recommend that the teacher watches the video and carefully monitor effective "pausing" points, typically two minutes, with a one-two minute "ponder/process" depending upon the task.