Sample resources demonstrated in a recent workshop on 21st Century Skills Integration

Virtual Productions
Introduction animation for our presentation. Free online animation creation. Sign-in required. Able to save multiple videos under account. If you use RealPlayer, you can download for use in

Cell Phones, iPods in Education
Cell phone texting activity. Free for up to 32 students for education. May pay for larger participating audiences. Able to poll via Twitter, Smart Phone, Web, PowerPoint. 

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Instructional Videos for Engaging Classroom Instruction
Although blocked by many districts, it does have good educational videos. However there are a lot of inappropriate videos. I tend to use YouTube for my presentations and/or sharing ideas but
recommend using TeacherTube for within the classroom. A new resource is shared how to "house" YouTube videos for classroom use.

The video, 3 Steps to 21st Century Learning, is one of many informative and motivational videos available through TeacherTube. Free to join, it also offers a home page to store your favorites. Conduct searches on specific needs, i.e. Math Lessons, U.S. History, Education and a thousand more.

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Extended Learning and Visual Connections

Free Instructional videos on secondary academic subjects, from basic algebra to calculus, U.S. History, and some in Spanish. Excellent multimedia lessons and resource materials.

1,000's of free instructional videos, including the site that holds the video we shared on slow motion, under the section called "Full Videos". A great resource for teachers to show a video
during the first few minutes or those last few minutes of class.

Free, sign-in required multimedia lessons for the classroom. Features unique videos, i.e. interviews, relevance and career based themes.

The best, as well as the most useful site I have found that exemplifies student, parent, teacher use. The creator of this site, Mr. Coley, now a principal, includes regular podcasts made by students, MathCasts he has created via the Interwrite pad (www.einstruction.com) to support parents and students in
math concept reviews, as well as resources. His site is always up-to-date and provides resources for teachers to learn how to do these podcasts. Permission granted by Mr. Coley to
share his expertise!

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Web 2.0 -> 3.0

The latest in social collaboration media. This free online source is a web-based site where groups can share documents, video, images and discuss the content and/or topic.

Many people respond, "I don't get Twitter" and I didn't either about a year ago. Then after reading many educational articles in support of this new online collaborative connection, I joined the
global forces in May of 2009. This has become my number one source of online learning. I follow about 200 key educators, global leaders, news feeds, and a few entertaining twitters. I now
have almost 1000 followers. Follow me @jodylo and see how the world is conducting research and finding the best resources available!

Google has so much to offer. This link takes you to the education page which describes many of the resources available. As a free resource, sharing Google with your parents, students, and
staff can open the doors to the instructional and personal values of the Internet. Here are some FREE ideas just to name a few:
  • Web Site
  • Online Photo Album and Editing Software 
  • 3D "Sketch It" software 
  • See the world, ocean, and skies via Google Earth 
  • Google Docs offers online word processing, spreadsheets, presentation, forms, drawing software 
  • Google Docs also offers free survey creation which can also be used for homework and information requests - all data is sent to a spreadsheet for further analysis and display. Many schools use and pay for online survey services -- this is free and has no limits as to number of responses or entries. 
  • Google Docs also now offers online storage of any type of documents. 
  • Google Calendar 
  • For more "almanac" classroom ideas