Digital Citizenship

Digital Citizenship & Social-Emotional Learning

More Resources to Consider:

  • - Social and emotional learning (SEL) is the process through which children and adults understand and manage emotions, set and achieve positive goals, feel and show empathy for others, establish and maintain positive relationships, and make responsible decisions.
  • In dealing with special needs students, I discovered this wonderful site on Cerebral Palsy and bullying. Powerful to consider all students in this arena.
  • More to cybersecurity while attending college!Read here!
  • While for kids, Be Internet Awesome, presented by Google, has an adventure game spin on it. "Interland is an adventure-packed online game that makes learning about digital safety and citizenship interactive and fun—just like the Internet itself. Here, kids will help their fellow Internauts combat badly behaved hackers, phishers, oversharers, and bullies by practicing the skills they need to be good digital citizens."
  • Google has also put together a great page of resources in its Google Safety Center. There is something for everyone here!
  • What are the sexting laws in your state?

Digital Citizenship Resources

  • Did you know it's a Federal Mandate to educate our students on Digital Citizenship?
  • How are you going to do that? Common Sense Media is a free non-profit and has put it all together for you with an awesome scope and sequence!
  • Lessons, videos, posters, interactive activities, essential scenarios and tool kits for your school, parents, and students to dig deep to understand the essentials of quality digital citizenship.
  • All Digital Citizenship engaging lessons are now incorporated with Nearpod! If you are looking for a great online engaging and assessment tool, Nearpod has it all and more!

Keep the Conversations Going!

Many educators ask me what are the key topics for our students. It's not really "what topics" but to keep the conversation and dialogue continuing throughout the school year. But in my on-going research in Digital Online Safety, the following topics continue to trend:

    • Social-Emotional Learning
    • Cyberbullying
    • Digital Reputation
    • Sexting - it's a crime
    • Online Safety
    • Screen Time Challenges

I hope you picked up a couple of ideas for you, your family, your classroom, your colleagues and your school. Please feel free to share this page at your next staff meeting. Browse my Google Drive below for handouts and easy access videos. I am available for presentations to parents, trainings for teachers and administrators.

The more we share together,

the more awesome we become as a kinder and digital safe nation!

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updated Seeptember 2019