Visiting Jody

Welcome to your menu of activities from which to choose from!! I have tested most, some need an exploration!

Photo above is my pool.

First at my home

    • You have your own guest bedroom with a TV, Apple TV, Fan, and a SMART Google Light - you simply say, hey Google Turn Off This Light!

    • Of course, the pool and waterfall, shown in the header, when it is hot are available.

    • I have a lovely outdoor BBQ, a fire pit, evening lights, with of course a Google Speaker with Spotify tunes.

      • Menus may include salmon, ribeye, chicken, vegetables, and a luscious baked potatoe.

      • Ice cream, snacks, popcorn, cheese, and any other items you have requested.

      • I have a wide selection of sparkling waters ... my current addiction.

      • Cereal, Oatmeal, Eggs, bacon, hash-brown potatoes, and toast are always available.

    • If you have an Apple Watch, you might want to try Apple Fitness with me at about 8:30 a.m. We can dance, strength, core, yoga, and mindful meditations.

    • In the bistro room of the house is a well-stocked refrigerator, and a nice red wine collection.

    • Should you have work to do online, I have an office with a couch, recliner, TV, and quality WiFi.

    • There are beautiful walking paths in my community, one that leads to a lake! And Pixie loves her walks.

    • Oh yes, if you want a wonderful massage from my mobile massage lady, I'll book it for you! $75/hour

Photo is of my bistro, photo taken by Angie Racine!

Outdoor Activities

  • Hikes

    • South Mountain is south of my house and I understand many hikes for all levels -- it's on my list to go. This is a free activity. Bring your tennis shoes, hat, sunglasses. I can provide the water and water holders.

  • Day, Afternoon, or Evening Field Trips

    • Arizona Science Center I am a member and have a membership that covers a guest. Pretty cool. Downtown Phoenix. Easy paid parking with a pizza parlor and a nice restaurant next door. Has a mini iMax theater.

    • Wonderspaces A unique artistic display that changes all the time. I am a member and sometimes get complimentary tickets, always a discount, and there is a bar inside and I get 50% discount. The cool thing is that is located at the Fashion Center Mall in Scotsdale. So works out for a nice brunch, then Wonderspaces, then we can walk the mall and visit Gucci, Versace, and pretend to be rich.

    • OdySea Aquarium - A great little place to visit. Has a great restaurant and wonderful gift shop. A nice variety of sea life and a sloth, my favorite! I have a membership and receive a discount for a entry ticket.

    • Arizona Zoo - A wonderful nearly five mile jaunt to see all the animals. We can take our own food and drinks. I have a membership and it includes one guest!

    • Old Town Scotsdale - Eat, Shop, Walk -- so much to explore!

    • Top Golf in Scotsdale - OMG my favorite. So much fun. We will eat before but drinks and appetizers are wonderful here. The golfing is all computerized and it's just fun. Reservations required.

    • Bowling - will be exploring!

    • More to explore ... more coming soon.

Photo of my backyard trees.


Always testing but here are my current favorites ...

  1. The Macintosh - just great food. I have had the ahi tuna steak, smoked salmon appetizer, and some other stuff. Will try to keep track. Right next door to a Trader Joes. Discovered as my friend's daughter used to work here and recommended the place. Outdoor seating.

  2. The Culinary Dropout - I discovered this place during my travels while working for Nearpod and would stay the night near the airport before traveling back to Havasu. Just a fun place and such great food. This one is across the street from the Fashion Center Mall. Trendy, Outdoor seating.

Places I want to try ...

  1. Compass Arizona Grill - Ummm. 360 degree revolving restaurant at the top of the Hyatt in downtown Phoenix??? Who is in? Bring a nice outfit so we don't look like tourists!! Reservations required.

  2. More to come...

Photo taken from my last plane trip to Mexico.

This was on take off of Phoenix!

Close to my house ...

  1. Sprouts, Safeway, Starbucks - what else do you need - all within a mile.

  2. Costco, Target, and a regular mall about 20 minutes away.

  3. Dairies, Farms

  4. Indian Casino - haven't been.

  5. 20 minutes to Airport

  6. 20 minutes to downtown Phoenix

Photo is looking across the street from my house.