Zoom Training

Are you frustrated with learning G Suite via online tutorials, webinars, or searching for help on Google?

Can't find the feature or option you need to enhance your document?

Working at home alone and frustrated you can't just ask your colleague for an idea on a document, presentation, or spreadsheet?

Need to brainstorm for optimal design and/or creative options?

Then maybe an individualized training is for you.

The first 30 minutes are free so you can determine if I'm the right fit in guiding you. I will try my best to "teach" you something in that 30 minutes. After that, we can build a simple and/or extended Zoom or Google Meet Training plan to meet your needs.

While recently working with small business owners, school administrators, educators, and a university professor guiding them in their own unique directions, we discovered the value of our training through dialogue and discovery. The "what-ifs", "how about if you try this", "let's discuss the purpose of this slide", "have you considered using this feature" resulting in the true strength and value for personalized training that I can offer.

What questions do you have? What skills can I assist in guiding you to the next level? What solutions can I offer that a tutorial won't include?

Rates vary from $25-$100 hour depending upon the preparation, depth of training, and analysis. If there is a small group of 1-5 all with the same topic, there are discounted group rates. Zoom costs are covered by Expanding Education, Inc.

Email me today for a quote and when you are available for a Zoom/Google Meet Training.

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