Recent Email from Former Student

Ms. Oliver,
My name is Amee and I was one of your students at Victor Valley High School. I attended VVHS from 1993-1997.  I took every computer class that you and your husband offered. The classes that I took from you inspired me and changed my life forever. You may not remember me at all, but I will never forget you.

I think about you on a very regular basis. I don't know if you remember, but you helped me with my college application essays, you were a mentor and a teacher. You taught me technology and inspired me to pursue my love for technology. I learned a great deal from you.

After high school graduation, I went on to study Information Systems at Brigham Young University. I also took a number of Computer Science classes. I was often the only or one of a few girls in a field full of boys, but I was not deterred. I graduated in 2003.

I took some time to raise my family and then re-entered the workforce a few years ago. I have worked in Front-end Web Development, Graphics/Marketing, and Software Testing. I am now getting ready to start a new career path.

I will begin teaching High School Technology in a few weeks at a charter school in the Phoenix, AZ area. I hope to be able to inspire at least one student the way that you inspired me so long ago.

Thank you. Thank you for all you did for me. I would not be where I am without your influence in my life.


[reprinted with permission]

"Jody is skilled at facilitating targeted professional learning in highly energetic and enthusiastic ways. She not only provides participants with what they want, but she brings them to understand what they need and how the learning can be used . . . tomorrow!"

San Bernardino County
Phelan, California

"There is not another coach, consultant, or all-around educational professional that I would rather work with than Jody Oliver. You will learn more about real life technology strategies, coaching, team work, and systems in 5 minutes with Jody, than any week-long professional development will provide."

Hemet Unified School District
Riverside County
Hemet, California


"Ms. Oliver is an amazing instructional leader who uses technology to support teaching and learning of all students. Teachers and administrators find her professional development extremely relevant and engaging."

Riverside County
Moreno Valley, California

"Jody inspires participants to take ownership of their educational journey through active participation in the uncharted waters of 21st century learning. She provides the compass, helps navigate the course, but you are always at the helm. Expanding Education, Inc. sets the sail for success."

Cindy Costa
Grant Writer, Outreach & Site Support
Former Middle School Principal
Hesperia Unified School District
San Bernardino County
Hesperia, California
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"Jody Oliver's educational acumen benefits all stakeholders.  From professional development to grant writing, Jody helps to identify and bring out the best in schools."

Brian Goodrow, Principal
Vanguard Preparatory School
Apple Valley Unified School District
San Bernardino County