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The following additional resources are just a collection of additional resources that might peak your interest. Please feel free to copy onto your own classroom web site!

New Featured Site!!

Creativity and Innovation

Communication and Collaboration

Research and Information Literacy

Quizzes/Formative Assessment

  • Nearpod - uses devices like Chromebooks, PCs, and Macs. It combines presentation, collaboration, and real-time assessment tools into one integrated solution - Best New Favorite...Still!

  • Flash Card Stash flashcards

  • Socrative Teacher - Like the clickers, engage and assess learners

  • Socrative Student - Student response site, click the app to type in the session pin from teacher

  • Study Stack - Flashcards, hangman, crosswords, and more

Keys to 1:1 Success

  1. Establish procedures for Chromebook distribution

  2. Model care and handling

  3. Review touchpad techniques - important before any integration of digital learning

  4. Establish signing out and return to cart procedures

  5. Create a classroom management symbol, term, routine for "hands off, listen to speaker"

  6. Always have a "Plan B" -- just in case something doesn't work as you imagined!

  7. Have an app, for example, typing app, (more below) for immediate use on the Chromebook as they arrive.

  8. Select a "table tech leader" - this is the only student allowed out of their seat and the only one to ask questions for the group. Yes, the student might not get the task done but will learn while helping their table mates.

  9. Small steps toward full transparency of digital literacy and learning!

  10. Ask your students how the process is going. Ask for their input, ideas, and suggestions!

Always time for Keyboarding!

Over the past few months, I have heard time and time again, "students need to learn to keyboard!" When I taught AP programming, I made my students learn to keyboard the first few weeks of school and then it was their warm-up or when their brains were too full of programming and theories, they relaxed by practicing their keyboarding. When using computers, Chromebooks, laptops in the classroom, always start the first five minutes with keyboarding! You will be amazed at their progress over time! Have contests! Here are some free ones!

  1. Games, Lessons and Speed Typing

  2. keyboarding for Kindergarten

  3. Activities and More

  4. Introduction with audio too!

  5. Kinder Keyboarding Games

  6. Tons of Sites for Keyboarding and Docs

  7. Free site but Teacher Managed! - Secondary Recommended

  8. Typing Tests and More - Secondary Recommended

Career Planning

  • Who Do U Want 2B? - games, videos, quizzes, pathways and more!

  • Career Videos - show throughout the year! Kids need exposure to different fields!

  • And more Career Videos - scroll down and select Career Development - there are over 500 unique careers by actual employees!

  • Occupational Outlook Handbook - from the government and has the latest stats, info, and a teacher's guide!

  • Share this page with your colleagues, counselor, students, and parents! It has a little bit of everything!

  • Did you know the ASVAB test is free for your school?

  • Free Online Career/Personality Assessment with instant results -- very accurate in my opinion. I would review some of the vocabularies prior to assigning - would suggest for high school - college.

  • And a few more online assessments from Career Zone.

  • Free, from California Career Center, but still a lot of great resources for career planning MS/HS!

  • Always a fan of PBS Learning - here's a connection to STEM.

Communication Arts

Coding, Programming for Free

  • Apple's Swift Playground - not just for kids!

  • Grasshopper - Grasshopper was created by a team of passionate coders from Google’s workshop for experimental products, Area 120. Coding is becoming such an essential skill, and they want to make it possible for everyone to learn even when life gets busy. They made Grasshopper to help folks like you get into coding in a fun and easy way. And they put Grasshopper on a phone so you can turn your commute or wait in line into a learning moment.

  • More on coding from Google EDU

  • In support of Khan Academy's Hour of Code, try this site!

  • Free Code Camp - offers free tutorials and certifications for extended learning. Great to add to a resume!!

  • Free courses from MT ... yes the famous MIT on coding.

  • A buffet of free/inexpensive courses to see if this is for you. I like Udemy, inexpensive and good videos with instruction. But try the free first before you spend!!

  • And my favorite site that breaks down everything for parents, educators, and kids is Common Sense Media!

  • And as a former teacher of Computer Science from the intro class through AP Computer Science, I would like to share that coding and programming are NOT for everyone. It's similar to, "do you like art, do you like math"? Don't let frustration get in the way when learning to code. There simply may be a disconnect to the processing of concepts.


Audio, Photo and Video Tools

Math Apps



  • Khan Academy - English, Math, Social Studies, Science concept review

  • IXL - Math, Language Arts practice

  • Scoot Pad - Math and reading practice for K-5

  • CK-12 - Math and Science practice K-12

Physical Education

  • Food Dictionary - information about the food you need from A to Z.

  • One-Stop Health Calculator - BMI calculator and more, much much more calculators to check your health and fitness

  • StopWatch - stopwatch that continues to run even if your browser is closed, buzz and pop-up notification

  • Bio Digital Human 3D platform that simplifies anatomy, disease, and treatments


Social Studies Apps

Digital Citizenship

  • Internet Safety - Fun and interactive tools to use with this site from ATT on Social Media, Cyberbullying, Safety, and Creating good passwords (I know some adults that could use this lesson!

All are free or free basic links,

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